"The Key-Lites take every great musical element of the past one could think of and make it something totally brand new. Theirs is the music of the future."

-Duke Eatmon - Homerun, CBC Montreal

One rolled in from the fourteen lane blacktop of the GTA

Shredding in blues bars at age 15, making his papa proud

A blue-collar guitar hero, singing Otis on the job site

Another headed East from the suburbs of the Capital

Where the liquor laws are stiff

Time was his trade, a sly hi-hat his jab, a hard backbeat his uppercut

They came from way out West

One from the Queen City

Where the wind cuts cold, but the pizza is hot 

A real cool bassman of few words, solid as a rock

The other from a frontier town

A rhythm and blues stepchild

Tenor in one hand, 88 keys in the other

They met in the city of Hochelaga, La Métropole

Where music is mortar, holding the crumbling bricks together

Their grooves shook the walls of their Ghetto penthouse

Deep soul mash cut with clean white lightning

Echoing down Parc avenue

And up the Main

Letting loose in the People's House

Their money was gone but their glasses were always full

The Key-Lites

The Main light

The stage Lites go up

And then it goes down!

(apologies to Patti Smith)



Joshua Toal - guitar and vocals

Simon Nakonechny - keyboards and sax

Joel Kerr - bass

David Payant - drums